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Where Should I Buy Vintage and Secondhand Items Online?

Since we, too, have had to resort to shopping online for vintage gems, we reached out to experts in the thrifting industry to learn about their findings. Ahead is everything you need to know about buying vintage online, from what keywords to use to get the best search results to which items are safest to order without actually trying them on, and so on — all from those who know best.“Try to find sellers who accept returns,” says Nelson. “If you are unhappy with the fit or condition of your garment, at least there is the silver lining of contributing to the financial longevity of the struggling USPS.” Lake agrees, adding that thrifting on a site that allows you to pay through PayPal is your best bet: “That way you…
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How Do I Know What My Size is?

When it comes to bottoms, “The waist measurement is obviously important, but pay close attention to the rise, a.k.a. the length from the middle of the groin seam to the waistband,” says Joel Nelson, the owner of Grailed account raf and a regular buyer and seller on eBay and The RealReal. “Your rise measurement will tell you if you will be wearing the pants lower at your hip bone or higher at your natural waist and closer to your belly button.”If you’re shopping for jeans, measurements are especially important because vintage styles aren’t sized in the same way as, say, a pair of jeans from Zara. Plus, when shopping for a vintage pair, you can almost always assume that one of the many previous owners took them in or out…
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How To Shop For Vintage When You Can’t Try Anything On

Over the last 10 weeks, as COVID-19 left thrift stores across the country no choice but to shutter their doors, vintage enthusiasts have been forced to discover ways to thrift online. We haven’t sourced anything in person since before March 13,” says Hannah Richtman, founder of Brooklyn’s premiere curated vintage shop The Break. And while back stock inventory has helped to keep vintage e-shops afloat thus far, those resources will soon be exhausted. When that happens, online resources will be the only option for many secondhand sellers. What are the easiest and hardest items to thrift online?“Because you don’t have to worry about the fit so much, shoes and handbags tend to be the easiest items to thrift,” says Quinn Lake, the owner of the Depop store @quinnlakee. Lake knows…
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