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How Do I Know What My Size is?

When it comes to bottoms, “The waist measurement is obviously important, but pay close attention to the rise, a.k.a. the length from the middle of the groin seam to the waistband,” says Joel Nelson, the owner of Grailed account raf and a regular buyer and seller on eBay and The RealReal. “Your rise measurement will tell you if you will be wearing the pants lower at your hip bone or higher at your natural waist and closer to your belly button.”
If you’re shopping for jeans, measurements are especially important because vintage styles aren’t sized in the same way as, say, a pair of jeans from Zara. Plus, when shopping for a vintage pair, you can almost always assume that one of the many previous owners took them in or out at some point. So rather than just looking at the size on the label, you have to measure the rise, waist, hips, etc. if you want to receive jeans in the mail that truly fit.
Richtman suggests not only knowing your measurements but updating them often — and that goes for top and dress ones, too. “Measure your body frequently,” she says. “Having updated measurements, especially your waist, hips, rise, and inseam, will guarantee that what you order online actually fits when it arrives.”
What do I search for?
“Start by searching one specific brand or silhouette that you love and then let yourself get lost — most sites will have a recommended feature where you can find similar designs/styles,” Richtman says. “Add everything you love to your cart and edit later.”
Nelson, on the other hand, suggests broadening your search first. “When it comes to vintage tees, rather than searching by subject matter for specific graphics, cast a wider net and search by the model and size of your favorite top. You will have more to browse by searching pre-owned listings for ‘Hanes Beefy XL’ than ‘vintage royal blue Henri Matisse T-shirt,’ for example.”
In addition to size, use filters like price and materials. If you’re looking for “white vintage blouses,” you’re going to get a lot of results. Filters like “under-$50” or “cotton-only” will save you from getting overwhelmed.

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