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Develop Great Communication Skills

Communication is a fundamental skill in life and in business. Andrew Pudalov, founder of Rush Bowls, recognizes that interpersonal communication can be challenging for many college graduates because they’ve grown up in a world where so much is shared via social media, texting or direct messaging.

“Online communication can often be misinterpreted or misunderstood,” said Pudalov. “Nothing gets a deal done faster than meeting in person. If that isn’t possible, call, especially if reaching out to someone of an older generation.”

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Another component of good communication is finding a way to tell your company‚Äôs origin story passionately, clearly and succinctly. “Sometimes entrepreneurs, especially technologists, can be introverts, but you have to get out of that and build both your willingness and skills to communicate,” said Nitin Seth, CEO of Incedo.

Those who struggle with verbal communication can practice different approaches to strengthen this ability to express their vision for their business. For example, Bonner recommends coming up with planned responses to some of the most common questions asked about your business, and then testing out your answers on friends, colleagues and family members who have varying degrees of knowledge about your business and industry.

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