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Have A Plan About ROI

ROI stands for return on investment. Your company’s social media ROI means that the time and capital you invest into it is creating the value you need to grow. The work put into social media includes personnel time, hours spent creating content, ad spend, and time spent managing those ads and building a social media presence. If the amount of time and resources you put into social media exceeds the new leads or sales you’re making, you may not be justifying the ROI enough to continue.

There are several factors to consider when formulating, setting up and tracking social media ROI. The first step in determining your success in social media marketing is developing a detailed plan that addresses the following:

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  • What you want your social media to do for you
  • How you plan to accomplish your goals
  • How you plan to track engagement, i.e., which metrics you plan to use
  • How you plan to analyze your results

“I would recommend starting with the objective,” said Aalap Shah, founder of 1o8 agency. “Is it brand awareness? Is the campaign meant to drive in-store retail? Based on that, pick awareness or conversion metrics.” Once you know the goal, next, you’ll want to pinpoint the metrics you want to track – like engagement, audience, reach, or sentiment – and then how you will apply that information to your strategy.

From there, there are several media management and sentiment analysis tools available to help. Google Analytics is a comprehensive website tool that is easy to set up and use. Hootsuite Insights helps you track engagement and build custom reports, and Keyhole shows you when your users are most active and likely to engage.

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