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Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera Driver

The Canon EOS Rebel T2i brings professional EOS features into an easy to use, lightweight digital SLR that's a joy to use. Featuring a high quality The Canon EOS Rebel T2i takes the reins from the company's existing T1i model as the flagship of its consumer-oriented EOS Rebel camera series. Externally  Full specs‎: ‎Canon T2i specifications. The new flagship of the EOS Rebel line, Canon EOS Rebel T2i brings professional EOS features into an easy.


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Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera Driver

At p resolution, the user can select between 24, 25, and 30 frames per second. For p and VGA shooting, both 50 and 60 fields per second modes are available. Users can also edit movies in camera, including the ability to chop off beginning or ends of movies, but only in one-second increments.


The first, dubbed "Movie Crop" mode, is available only when shooting at standard-definition VGA resolution. It works by simply cropping and recording the center-most x pixels from the sensor. This yields an effective 7x fixed zoom without interpolating the video.

Of course, simply cropping the center of the image means that everything including image noise will be recorded at 1: Still, for consumers who may well not be able to afford expensive telephoto lenses and only need standard-def output, it's an interesting feature. The second movie feature specific to the T2i -- and rare among its DSLR brethren from any manufacturer -- is the ability to use Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera during moving recording. Continuous autofocus isn't available, so you have to manually trigger single AF operations as needed with a half-press of the shutter button.

The feature is something of a tradeoff, because the AF operation is clearly visible in the video, even if Canon's contrast detection AF implementation doesn't hunt around the point of focus as much as some we've seen. AF noise is also very clearly captured on the movie's audio track, at least when using the internal microphone and mm kit lens -- using quieter USM lenses can mitigate this somewhat, and AF noise can be avoided altogether by using a good directional mic on a shock mount.

Canon EOS Rebel T2I Digital Cameras eBay

Pros will certainly want to stick with focusing manually and can choose to disable AF during movie capture to prevent accidental operationbut in the consumer market at which Canon's Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera cameras are aimed, it makes sense to give customers the choice as to whether Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera feel the convenience of AF is worth putting up with the drawbacks. In layman's terms, this allows you to use your compatible high-def display's remote control to operate certain camera functions via the same cable through which the video signal is passed. Functions that can be controlled from the TV remote include single image playback, index display, shooting info display, image rotation, slide show, and movie playback.

Equivalent to a mm lens on a full-frame 35mm camera, this is a good mid-range zoom lens that is quite light.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i Review

Optical image stabilization technology delivers sharper shots even in low light. Canon claims you can shoot at up to four stops slower than normal and still get a stable shot.

If you're a fairly steady shooter, it seems to be true. Your results may vary, and remember that image stabilization compensates for camera movement, not for subject movement, so when shooting in low light tell your subject to hold very still, or shoot with Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera faster shutter speed at a higher ISO. Direct support for Eye-Fi wireless cards has found its way into the Canon T2i, complete with a dedicated status display that only appears if the card is installed.

Canon EOS Rebel T2I Digital SLR Cameras eBay

The new display shows when a card is connecting, has connected, is transmitting, and when a card has a problem connecting. That's about a ten percent improvement over the T1i's battery life, but still below average for an SLR. It duplicates the shutter release and control wheel, as well as AE lock and focus point buttons for vertical-format shooting. Those who have trouble with the smaller grip on the Canon Rebel series will find that the battery grip makes the camera more satisfying to use; and Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera who frequently shoot in portrait orientation will enjoy the vertical shutter release, which allows you to shoot with less strain.

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Not surprisingly given its heritage, the T2i's sensor gathers loads of detail, and begs for a really good lens. The mm kit lens is impressive for its cost, but in this detail-rich garden shot, its limits appear to have been reached.

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Among the Canon T2i's external changes, I particularly appreciated the new 3: Viewing full images, there are no longer any black borders at the edges of the screen. This means a slightly larger review than was previously Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera case, even though the actual screen area has fallen just slightly.

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I understand that the viewing angle has also been reduced slightly, but this wasn't really noticeable -- the Canon T2i's display is still easily visible from a wide range of angles, perfect for everybody to huddle around and review group portraits. The Canon T2i only has one new Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera, but the profiles of several other buttons have also been changed as part of accommodating the wider LCD display. I found the variation in button size and shape helpful, making it significantly easier to identify buttons by touch alone, and saving me removing my eye from the viewfinder so frequently. The only control element on the T2i that I felt could use some improvement was the Main dial, situated right behind the Shutter button.


I found its resistance significantly too high, and as a result, had to press my fingertip against its knurled surface to make settings changes. The shooting finger of the right hand falls naturally to the shutter button and, for my hand at least, the pinky folds under the camera body and sort of locks the camera into the hand. A lorikeet feeds from Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera nectar cup in my left hand while I take the shot with my right. The Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera of a quick control button, which first appeared on the 7D, brings up a screen that displays the shooting mode and its various adjustable settings without having to use internal menus. For example, in aperture priority, you can change lens aperture, ISO, exposure compensation, picture style, white balance, image size, auto lighting optimizer, AF mode, metering method and single or continuous shooting rate.

Portrait mode by comparison offers only continuous shooting and image size settings.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i / 550D Review

Depending on the shooting mode, you can access either all or only part of the menu selection. When I first shot the T2i with flash, it fired when the shutter button was pressed.


Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera Quick Control screen, easily accessible by pressing the Quick Control button, opens on the LCD monitor, allowing users to effortlessly change camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO setting, and exposure from a single screen. The center AF point is a cross-type center point sensor while the other 8 AF points are horizontal line-only sensitive.

Focusing is fast WAY faster than point and shoot cameras and accurate. In AI Servo mode, all Canon DSLRs attempt to predictively focus the attached lens at the precise location the subject will be at the moment the shutter opens.

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