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HAMA DR-50 DSL Router Driver

Forum discussion: I need some help setting up my modem/router for port forwarding. I've googled the internet and can't get any information (I. View online or download Hama DR Instructions Manual, Operation Manual. DSL. Brand: Hama Category: Wireless Router Size: MB. Advertisement. Products 1 - 24 of 24 - Digicom Network Router ADSL/HDSL Modem. Digicom ADSL/HDSL Modem Specifications. Pages: 1. See Prices.


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HAMA DR-50 DSL Router Driver

The router device provides address translation between the single IP address assigned to the router by the external network and the addresses of the individual nodes or access points on the local network HAMA DR-50 DSL Router creation of logical ports assigned to various portions of the available bandwidth of the cable system.


The router further distinguishes network protocols HAMA DR-50 DSL Router the media content streamed over the HFC network, allowing for the foregoing functionality and replacing any existing cable modem. Methods of initiating the router and assigning addresses are also disclosed, as well as business models for leasing the router equipment and access points.

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The copyright owner has no objection to the facsimile reproduction by anyone of the patent document or the patent disclosure, as it appears in the Patent and Trademark Office patent files or records, but otherwise reserves all copyright rights whatsoever. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to the field of telecommunications and data networking, and specifically to improved apparatus and methods for providing and operating a premises network such as a Home LAN. Description of Related Technology Coaxial cable systems are now ubiquitous throughout the United States and the rest of the industrialized world. HAMA DR-50 DSL Router is well known, these systems distribute content such as MPEG-encoded data streams to a plurality of end users, such as home cable system subscribers.

Typically, a HAMA DR-50 DSL Router frequency RF coaxial cable is used to provide the distributed signal from the cable system head-end to the users downstreamas well as transmit a limited amount of information or signaling in the reverse upstream direction, typically using an out-of-band OOB or comparable channel. While many terrestrial cable networks typically have a mixture of different physical topologies and environments as part thereof including, e. Furthermore, the great preponderance of homes constructed in the U.

Hence, there is a great installed base of coaxial cable-equipped premises in the U.

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In the typical premises, the coaxial cable is received in a terminal or junction box perhaps in the user's HAMA DR-50 DSL Router or the likewhich is then routed indoors to a wall jack or similar to which the user can then connect their cable modem. An apartment building or hotel is an extreme example of this, wherein literally hundreds of rooms may be provided a cable tap arising from one primary feed. More recently, cable systems have also be adapted to handle digital network traffic in addition to the content-based analog or digital signals carried by the network. In this fashion, many different services and capabilities are provided, including Internet browsing, shopping, transmission and reception of e-mail, etc. Typically, when the consumer requests internet service from a cable network operator, such as for example a multimedia specific operator MSOthe MSO generally installs a cable modem or HAMA DR-50 DSL Router device at the consumer's premises, and configures the head-end to connect to the cable modem.

The CMTS dynamically configures the cable modems in the network with a network address e. Unfortunately, this approach does not facilitate home LAN functionality. Consumers can easily circumvent this charge by purchasing an inexpensive HAMA DR-50 DSL Router with network address translation NAT or realm specific internet protocol RSIP capabilities. Furthermore, many wireless LAN devices provide comparatively slow data rates due largely to the foregoing RF interface issues. A variety of HAMA DR-50 DSL Router approaches to providing data network services via cable systems including assignment of network addresses have been proposed under the prior art.

The modulator encodes the digital information transmitted from the router and encodes it in an RF channel to be carded by the television cable. The HAMA DR-50 DSL Router distribution head-end combines this channel with other conventional cable television sources to broadcast these channels HAMA DR-50 DSL Router its users. The customer premises equipment of the user includes an RF demodulator and packet receiver which demodulates the RF encoded signals and utilizes the packet receiver to transmit the digital information addressed to the particular user to the user's personal computer. Upstream requests are made by the user by utilizing a modem connection over the public switched telephone network with a terminating modem contained in the split channel bridging unit.

Secured low-speed control information is preferably supported bidirectionally by utilizing a modem connection over the public switched telephone network. When a cable router or RF modem becomes active, it sends a message requesting a set of multiple HAMA DR-50 DSL Router addresses from the head end, which dynamically assigns the set of IP addresses and sends a message comprising the set of IP addresses to the cable router or RF modem.

Hama DSL Modem Router DR Drivers Download - Update Hama Software

The cable router or RF modem then responds to requests by the hosts for IP addresses by assigning them IP addresses from the set. Furthermore, the set of IP addresses is released when the session terminates with the cable router or RF modem. The down link connecting the personal computers to the Internet is the cables provided by the CATV system; the up link is a telephone connection HAMA DR-50 DSL Router the head end.


A HAMA DR-50 DSL Router is connected to the down link by means of an RF modem, to the up link by means of an analog modem, and to a LAN which is connected to the PCs. A network address assigned to a passive network device by the data-over-cable system is stored in a configuration file for an active network device such as a cable modem that is associated with the passive network device. An active network device has a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Stack to obtain a network address. The active network device is initialized with the configuration file including the assigned network address of the passive network device.


The active network device registers with a cable modem termination system by sending a registration message that includes the assigned network address for the passive network device. The active network device and the active network device termination system store the network address for the active network device and the assigned network address for the passive network device HAMA DR-50 DSL Router internal tables. When data for the passive network device is received on the cable modem termination system it is forwarded to the active network device and then forwarded to the passive network device using the internal tables on the cable modem termination system and active network device. The active network device functions as a router or switch to forward data to the passive network device.

The method allows passive network devices without a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol stack to be used in a data-over-cable system. One or more service level agreements are created including one or more class-of-service or quality-of-service parameters. A pool of Internet Protocol addresses is allocated for the one or more service level agreements.

Configuration files including service level agreement parameters are used to initialize cable modems or customer premise equipment. When a cable modem or customer premise equipment requests use of a service level agreement, an Internet Protocol address from the pool of Internet Addresses associated with a HAMA DR-50 DSL Router service level agreement is assigned. The service level agreements are enforced using the Internet Protocol address from a cable modem termination system including an integral switch cable access router and a bandwidth manager. The cable modem termination system with integral components are duplicated to provide a back up in case of failure and increase reliability for using service level agreements. The cable access router enforces maximum rate limits for service level agreements.

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