Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker Driver Windows 7

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Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker Driver

THE JAWBONE JAMBOX may be one of the most fashionable Bluetooth speakers out there, but serious music lovers have been skeptical of it since its debut. Jawbone Mini Jambox - A small aluminium speaker with bigger sound that its body might suggest. Take the party with you everywhere you go with the red dot Jawbone Mini Jambox portable speaker system. The one-piece shell is made from cast aluminum.

Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker 64x

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Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker Driver

But at the same time Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker be hard-pressed to find a speaker that's as tiny as the Mini Jambox that sounds as good. The Mini Jambox is almost half the size of the original Jambox click to enlarge. You can then update your Jambox Mini with LiveAudio and also upload one of several character voices that spice up the voice prompts.

I went with Bombshell female voice Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker, then switched to Mobster male voiceand later Hero also male. It's a shame all the voice options aren't loaded onto the device, but that would require the device to have additional memory.

Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker (Graphite Facet) JUS B&H

The speaker comes in multiple color options. You can engage and disengage LiveAudio by holding down both volume buttons at the same time on the device. When using Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker with standard tracks, the speaker plays at a lower volume, which is not good considering the speaker can only play so loud, and often you'll want to get as much volume out of it as you can. I did try the speaker with a few LiveAudio encoded tracks -- Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker Mountain's "Faded," for example -- and you do get a more spacious sound stage that starts to resemble stereo sound the problem with all these tiny speakers that have their drivers so close together is that you're basically getting mono sound despite their claims of stereo sound.

Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker Update

The speaker recharges via Micro-USB and gets up to 10 Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker of battery life. Up to two devices can be paired with the Mini Jambox at once. But iOS users get a bonus, thanks to the Jawbone app.

In addition to letting users remotely control the Jambox's options, the app provides one-stop access to Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker services and playlists on Rdio, Spotify, and iTunes. An Android version, sans iTunes support, is also available. As for battery life, Jawbone is promising 10 hours of streaming time on a full charge of its integrated lithium ion battery.

Performance The Mini Jambox has a mini sound signature to go with it. It's louder than your smartphone or tablet's on-board speakers, but sounds quite Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker when held up against many similarly priced Bluetooth speakers, including the full-sized Jambox.

Jawbone Mini Jambox Portable Speaker System - Red Dot

Most speakers we've tested in this size range have put out Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker satisfying level of sound in the quiet lab test room, but in my tests, the Mini Jambox was less than room-filling. Clearing my throat threatened to overcome the speaker at maximum volume.

Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker Drivers for Windows Download

It puts out more sound than my Samsung Galaxy S III and the Google Nexus 7Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker only slightly, and not enough to justify carrying the speaker in addition to a phone and a tablet. Predictably, like most speakers of its size, the Mini Jambox fares poorly with bass.

Jawbone Mini Jambox Portable Speaker System - Red Dot eBay

On our low-end test track, The Knife's "Silent Shout," the bass synth notes were barely present and the kick drum popped and distorted easily. It does better with less bass-heavy music, like more conventional Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker. It wasn't particularly loud, but the mids to highs sounded pleasantly consistent, and the instruments didn't drown out the lyrics.

Similarly, Ninja Sex Party's "Unicorn Wizard" sounded good both in the piano-filled opening and the power ballad electric guitars. It just didn't have Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Speaker force behind it. Jawbone claims Live Audio creates a three-dimensional sound image.

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