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ABB Unitrol 1000 Driver

2 UNITROL® automatic voltage regulators ABB. Product benefits. ABB is the world leading volume supplier of high quality UNITROL automatic voltage. ABB, Automatic Voltage Regulator Unitrol , Repairing Service Center at Synchronics Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Call Us at + ABB UNITROL is the registered ABB trademark for automatic voltage regulators and UNITROL is an Indirect Excitation Systems series for synchronous  ‎UNITROL Static · ‎UNITROL Indirect · ‎UNITROL automatic.


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ABB Unitrol 1000 Driver

This also applies to any possible claims to copyright or patents. This document has been prepared and checked with great care.

If however it still contains errors, please report them to ABB. Technical data is included as well. The regulator can also be switched over to function as a reactive power- power factor- or ABB Unitrol 1000 current regulator.

Generator or motor excitation with PMG or external supply. Chapter 2 - Safety Instructions explains the safety instruction levels and provides general instructions on safety, which need to be strictly observed.

Unitrol 1000-15 Unitrol 1000-40: Introduction to Automatic Voltage Regulators

Chapter 3 - Device Overview outlines the description of the device, operation modes, hardware capabilities and software features. Chapter 4 - Installation and Storage provides information on environmental conditions to be maintained during transportation and storage, information ABB Unitrol 1000 disposal and recycling of materials.


Chapter 5 - Commissioning provides information on preparing the device for commissioning. Chapter 6 - Operation describes the instructions how to operate the device.

ABB Unitrol Alarm - SYSTEM HALTED! - Electric power & transmission & distribution - Eng-Tips

Chapter 7 ABB Unitrol 1000 Preventive Maintenance contains the maintenance schedule and step-by-step instructions for specific maintenance tasks to be carried out by the customer. Chapter 8 -Troubleshooting provides instructions on how to proceed when encountering problems. Chapter 9 - Technical Data describes the technical data from the device, ordering number and parameter list. Engineering Installation personnel Operators Maintenance and repair personnel 1. When calling ABB, please leave your name, department and phone number. This will allow the responsible ABB representative to call back without delay. Please read all instructions carefully before operating the device and keep this manual for future reference.

ABB Unitrol 1000

Unitrol User s Manual e3 Power Electronics Electricity

ABB Unitrol 1000 personnel is not permitted to work at the control system. Specially instructed personnel must only carry out maintenance and repair work. The maintenance personnel must be informed about the emergency shutdown measures and must be capable of turning off the system in case of emergency. The maintenance personnel must be familiar with the accident prevention measures at their workplace and must be instructed in first aid and fire fighting. Third parties who approach the installation are also at risk.

If the scheduled maintenance activities are performed only partially or not at all, damage may occur with ABB Unitrol 1000 expensive repair costs. You will find additional instructions and warnings related to particular topics or actions throughout the manual where relevant. The following regulations must be strictly observed: The technical specifications and the typical application of the excitation system see Chapter 1 - Introduction, Field of Application must be strictly adhered to. Training of personnel: Modifications without authorization: Duty of maintenance: The owner must ensure that the excitation system is used only under proper conditions and ABB Unitrol 1000 a fully serviceable state.

The operating voltage in the control cubicles is above 50 V.

ABB Unitrol 1000 In the power part, voltages can reach V ac and short-circuit currents can be very high. In order to warn personnel against opening the doors during operation, warning labels are affixed to all cubicle doors. If the device is built into a whole system, other warning labels are attached to the inside of the cubicle doors and to the covers of the power converter modules. The following residual danger areas must ABB Unitrol 1000 taken into account when working on the excitation system: Hazardous voltage from the rotor field winding and the secondary side of the excitation transformer. Capacitors may still be charged if a power converter cubicle door is opened immediately after stopping the system.

Danger from main and auxiliary voltages in cubicles when cubicle doors are open.

ABB UNITROL AVR Production - Dockstr

The unit has large capacitors, which might be charged even after disconnecting the unit. An orange blinking LED warns the user in case ABB Unitrol 1000 internal voltage exceeds 30 V dc.

Depending on the size of the capacitor, discharging can take a couple of minutes. Do not connect or disconnect the unit when the LED is still blinking.

ABB Unitrol 1000 3BHE005774R0003 Voltage Regulator

There is the risk of electric shock. The safety instructions are divided into five categories and emphasized by the use of the following layout and safety signs: Channel partners. Interested in a ABB Unitrol 1000 Contact information.

Extranet for ABB channel program members Access controlled dedicated web site with tools and support information for ABB channel partners.

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