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AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber Driver

Digital AGFEO System Phones to each SO Bus. The TSP is a driver that must .. 1,6 kg. 5 °C bis 40 °C / °C bis +70 °C max. 70 % (none condensing)). AGFEO TK-Suite Server information: (AGFEO GmbH & Co. KG) Common path: C:\Program Files\agfeo\tk-suite\tkserver\ Behavior: Service. Name. The TSP is a driver that you must install on your PC. Telephony service provider for AGFEO telecommunications systems. ISDN card KG reserves the right.


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AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber Driver

Therefore, the manufacturer of the system, a corresponding application in the form of a configuration program provides that on a personal computer is loaded. Many users of ISDN system installed in their computer model appli cation to the computer over the phone via an interface to the ISDN plant AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber control functions in the form of known computer-assisted telephone applications - run - CTI. Here, the telephone operation is largely controlled by the computer and, among other Darge provides relevant additional information on the PC screen in identifying the source and destination number such. As an automatic name presentation of the caller or the called from a database, and more.

AGFEO AS 181 User Manual

Also stored in the ISDN system data connections and terminals can be queried for billing and statistically evaluated. Many plants have also options specific function settings such as call distribution, call forwarding and AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber forwarding ISDN to run in remote control mode. Furthermore, router functions for connections can be carried out intelligently with the help of computers. On the one hand the cable to the ISDN system on the computer always AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber an interface port - provided that the assignment of the connections will not be temporarily changed manually.

On the AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber hand, the corresponding applications are constantly occupy memory capacity in computer memory - if the opening and closing of the applications are not performed manu ell according to need. Beide Faktoren behindern die effektive Nutzung dieser An wendungen.

Both factors hinder the effective use of these appli cations. There are also known private ISDN systems which to configure and CTI applications alternatively via a serial interface, such as the AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber spot RSas well as an internal ISDN connection, an internal So bus, data communication with a computer enable. A disadvantage is that the desired functions can be realized only when appropriate software components installed in the computer, which is designed for the installed in the computer operating system.


In the present case ver different telephone applications, such as a telephone related data bank, a phone book and a TAPI Telephony tool are brought together on a telephone interface, which has on the application side is a TAPI interface. AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber operating system of the computer provided by this interface ready which is a corresponding dependence on the operating system. To connect the Te lephone interfaces with the ISDN system is used in the computer, a special driver that the manufacturer of the system as "Telephony Service Provider - TSP -", and only for those operating systems provides that a corresponding version of the TAPI interface provide.


Other operating systems, AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber such Trei is over available. Even with the above solution, the appropriate software Components must be ten active during communication with the ISDN system in the personal computer always.

This is capacity in the AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber memory. This effort he sword one hand, the transition to a AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber operating system and must on the other hand for each additional computer, which is connected to the ISDN system, are made separately. So the disadvantages described above are only partially resolved despite ei ner data connection via the internal ISDN connection.

The invention therefore has the task of the possibility to program the Be operating settings of an ISDN system and query with call data to a personal computer that it uses an internal ISDN connection, dahinge starting to improve, that the described disadvantages are eliminated. For access to such a service or network in the personal computer is a communication program to build movement of such data connections and AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber program to navigate between files in hypertext format and read these files, AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber a so-called "Network Browser".

AGFEO TK-Suite Server information:

These provide access to other active network components, so-called servers, data, software, and services provide, and realizes DIRECT BI-dimensional connection to retrieve and display of selected data and files. With the help of these software components, a personal computer can lead try a different computer, open a dialogue and get there available data and AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber in ver VARIOUS form. According to the invention is located in the system control of the private ISDN to position an emulation software, which emulates a virtual terminal to an internal network server at the internal ISDN connection. The network server provides the per-program the ISDN system at least one service application, preferably prepared in hypertext format, with an interactive user interface and is accessible via the in-internal ISDN connection with its own internal bus address. After selecting the virtual terminal, the ISDN system responds as a normal terminal and builds to the personal computer a bidirectional data connection on which advantageously uses a standardized interface, which is inde gig by both the operating system and the hardware manufacturer.

With the network browser, the emulated server function call is placed in the virtual terminal and starts the corresponding application service.


This transmits as a conventional server to the personal AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber an interactive user interface for a setup dialog, which adjusting settings for programming the Betriebseinstel the ISDN system provides. While taking place in the known solutions of the settings dialog between the user and the computer and the computer data exchange with the investment from leading to know the status of the settings of the system parameters and change to ver, takes place in the solution according to the invention, the communication between the user and an application that is installed in the ISDN system. The computer AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber the reproduction of the interactive user interface and the query of the setting, such as a keyboard and mouse or the like.

How to Fix AGFEO TK-Suite Server Error?

AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber The invention will be explained with reference to an embodiment and a drawing: The only requirement for access to any computer in a per se known communication program for data exchange and a network browser are stalled. Die Terminaladresse ist entwe der im Wertebereich von 0. The terminal address is entwe of the value range of the 0th. Here, for the mana management system for endpoint identities TEI according to standard, the address value is used. Another identifier SAPI is used for the service access point of the terminal as AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber service identifier, z. In the PABX, a system controller XC with an internal Mi is krocomputer, memory means and a specific system software of the manufacturer coupler which ensure the automatic operation of the plant. The service applications SW support various settings of the system, such as the internal signaling, call distribution and call forwarding, provide telephone related databases and other application components for computer-based telephony CTI and entspre-reaching interactive user interfaces for dialogue with the user.

Intel VC820How to fix AGFEO TK-Suite Server file errors
Asus P8H61 R2.0 DiskHow to fix AGFEO TK-Soft 32 file errors
Acer Aspire V5-573 Intel WLAN

For data communication with the network server WSv a network browser is used, which is already installed in the computer to AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber with the Internet, online or other data services. For carrying out the invention, the additional emulation software for the virtu elle terminal is directly installed in the system controller XC. According to an advantageous further development of the invention, the emulation software contains a component which point identity over the corresponding point-to-point connection for various personal computer PC in response to their respective End TEI provides n modified service applications SW.

The solution according to the invention offers the following advantages: Since the existing communication software and web browsers W-B's are used in the personal computer PC, the solution from the operator platform in the personal computer PC such as Windows, MAC, Linux is independent. Since the emulation software is installed in the plant and no additional Verbin connection between the AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber of the ISDN system and is required, the solution is independent of the number of computers connected to each user special DERS comfortable. AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber

There are no additional costs for customizing the components of the service applications to different operating systems of the personal computer PC, as all service applications SW are integrated into the software of the ISDN system and must be designed for the operating system. Die erforderlichen Ressourcen zwischen Nebenstellenanlage und Computer sind op AGFEO KG TSP-Treiber verteilt. The resources between PBX and computers are op mally distributed.

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