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Oberthur CosmopolIC 32K Driver

/ tcos TCOS openpgp OpenPGP card jcop JCOP cards with BlueZ PKCS#15 applet oberthur Oberthur AuthentIC.v2/CosmopolIC.v4. OT enables mobile operators to increase the value of the SIM card, optimize stock management & point-of-sale distribution & offer savings on logistics g: CosmopolIC ‎32K. Axalto Access 64K v1. Axalto Access 64K v2. Gemplus GemXpresso 64K v2. Oberthur CosmopolIC v4 32K. Schulmberger Access 32K v2. ActivCard Gold

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Oberthur CosmopolIC 32K Driver

The JCOP 41 v2. JCOP 41 v2.

SOURCES: smartcard_list.txt - updated

More information is available here: Debit card Germany: It resides in a calculator like token, that is used for a challenge response Oberthur CosmopolIC 32K logging in. NDS Videoguard security card.

Nagravision V3 is used for the encryption. Oberthur CosmopolIC 32K chipcard for the Vienna University of Technology http: Pass Campus Alsace, a mix of a student card, a transport card Badgeo and a Moneo http: Swedish cashcard, http: Additionally, it is possible to increase security standards by adding optical security technology to the smart cards. Contact us. We answer all your questions on the phone and help you out with your order.

Yubico/gpshell-dpkg -

The characteristics of each package, for each Oberthur CosmopolIC 32K, is defined as follows: The codes corresponding to the smart card packaging configuration described in this section are: Smart Card Packaging 5. The labels Oberthur CosmopolIC 32K include the following items at a minimum: Manufacturer name: An example is noted below in Exhibit The cardstock must be packaged so that the full CUID and batch serial number of either the first or last card of the stack is visible through the sealed stack. Batch Order 1 forsmart cards will have unique stack IDs 1 with cards contained within each stack. Upon receipt of the SOD, the card manufacturer will ship the cardstock in cartons that most efficiently ship the requested quantity of cardstock.

Dell Latitude D500 Intel ProWireless 2100 LAN miniPCI AdapterVersion 4.0d DRAFT AGENCY SYMBOL/SEAL
ASUS X45VD Qualcomm Atheros WLANRe: CosmopolIC v4 problem

On average, Card Manufacturers shipping Oberthur CosmopolIC 32K accommodate for shipments of 4 stacks, 10 stacks, or 18 stacks. The below example depicts suggested package configurations for three different SODs.

Complete list of ATRs

The Agencys packaging requirement for stack container and shipping cartons is that cardstock must be Oberthur CosmopolIC 32K packed. If cardstock within stack is able to sort, card manufacturer must use filler prior to sealing stack to ensure that stack remains stable. Also when packaging. Card Manufacturers will include in the SDD the master tracking number for shipments containing multiple packages.

This letter Appendix G notes that the product being shipped is for official government Oberthur CosmopolIC 32K only and is being provided Oberthur CosmopolIC 32K accordance with an agreed upon government contract. Card Manufacturers must include this letter along with the packages invoice and must amend the letter to include their official shipping address and the Fed Ex Tracking Number used for that specific package. Card Manufacturers are also required to clearly mark using either stamp or label on the packages exterior "For official US Govt use only".

Electronic Signature Products

Finally, Card Manufacturers are to send a confirmation e-mail to the Agency POCs Oberthur CosmopolIC 32K the Fed Ex tracking number of the international package as soon as it is shipped so that the Agency overseas offices can ensure timely receipt of the package. For more details on the batch setup and card inventory processing refer to Appendix B. The configuration of card batches corresponds to the specification in the previous document sections: Value Contactless no key Contactless The following logical diagram introduces the batch management process, and explains how smart cards are ordered from the card manufacturer and delivered to the smart card issuance sites. Smart card Batch Orders are sent from the Agency specified logistics system or logistics personnel by e-mail.

Upon production of the smart card batch, the batch is stored in a local card manufacturer's vault.

It is assumed that there is one and only one vault per card manufacturer. Shipping Orders Descriptors SOD are sent from the Agency specified logistics system or logistics personnelto the Card manufacturer by email. The SO contains the site address and contact information of Oberthur CosmopolIC 32K issuance site where the cardstock is to be delivered.

The card manufacturer delivers the corresponding cardstock to the issuance site from the card Oberthur CosmopolIC 32K vault. The Agency and the card manufacturer must agree on the transmission method of the XML order descriptors.

For the first rollout, an Agency may choose to use e-mail for transmitting XML files. The e-mail exchange will be as follows: An Agency and the card manufacturer will agree on the transmission method of Oberthur CosmopolIC 32K XML delivery descriptors.

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