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Saturday, May 16, A ii IZt cGil Tlriim itpta GtmuLt inc. mlA-toKiiCmthmc inftnSaafur THE GAZETTE. MONTREAL. SATURDAY. MAY paperless perc fansites sherbrooke barnacles seanix axil daryn catster. 4 Monitors: Buffalo 7, Acer, TTX, NEC multiSync E Keyboards: Dell, Seanix, Mouse: Microsoft, Logitech, Acer Please contact if interested . Sherbrooke.

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So, instead of atoms being indivisible, they are actually dividing themselves, spontaneously, and giving off throughout the universe tiny fragments of Seanix Sherbrooke substance. We shall explain presently Seanix Sherbrooke was later discovered about the electron; meanwhile we can say that every glowing metal is pouring out a stream of these electrons.

Every arc-lamp is discharging them. Every clap of thunder means a shower Seanix Sherbrooke them. Every star is flooding space with them. We are Seanix Sherbrooke the spontaneous breaking up of atoms, atoms which had been thought to be indivisible.

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The sun not only pours out streams of electrons from its own atoms, but the ultra-violet light Seanix Sherbrooke it sends to the earth is one Seanix Sherbrooke the most powerful agencies for releasing electrons from the surface-atoms of matter on Seanix Sherbrooke earth. It is fortunate for us that our atmosphere absorbs most of this ultra-violet or invisible light of the sun--a kind of light which will be explained presently. It has been suggested that, if we received the full Seanix Sherbrooke of it from the sun, our metals would disintegrate under its influence and this "steel civilisation" of ours would be impossible!

But we are here anticipating, we are going beyond radium to the wonderful discoveries which were made by the chemists and physicists of the world who concentrated upon it.

The work of Professor and Mme. Curie was merely the final clue to guide the great search. How it was followed up, how we penetrated into the very heart of the minute atom and discovered new and portentous mines of energy, and how we were able to understand, not only matter, but electricity and light, will be told in the next chapter. Radium captivated the imagination of the world; it was a boon to medicine, but to the man of science it was Seanix Sherbrooke first a most puzzling and most attractive phenomenon.

It was felt that some great secret of nature Seanix Sherbrooke dimly unveiled in its wonderful manifestations, and there now concentrated upon it as gifted a body of men--conspicuous amongst Seanix Sherbrooke Sir J.

Within five years the secret was fairly mastered. Not only were all kinds of matter reduced to a common basis, but the forces of the universe were brought into a unity and understood as they had never Seanix Sherbrooke understood before. This discharge travels straight along the tube, as in the upper diagram. When a magnetic field Seanix Sherbrooke applied, however, the rays are deflected, as shown in the lower diagram.

It was by this means that the characteristics of electrons were first discovered. In a bubble of hydrogen Seanix Sherbrooke no larger than the letter "O" there are billions of atoms, whilst an electron is more than a thousand times smaller than the smallest atom. How their size is ascertained is described in the text. In this diagram Seanix Sherbrooke bubble of gas is magnified to the size of the world. The sun is constantly pouring out vast streams of electrons into space.

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Many of these streams encounter the earth, giving rise to various Seanix Sherbrooke phenomena. However, the first step was to recognise that there were three distinct and different rays that were given off by such metals as radium and uranium.

Sir Ernest Rutherford christened them, after Seanix Sherbrooke first three letters of the Greek alphabet, the Alpha, the Beta, and Gamma rays. We are concerned chiefly with the second group and purpose here to Seanix Sherbrooke with that group only. They appear to be a type of X-rays.

They possess the remarkable power of penetrating opaque Seanix Sherbrooke they will pass through a foot of solid iron, for example. The "Beta rays," as they were at first called, have proved to be one of the most interesting discoveries that science ever made.

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They proved what Crookes had surmised about the radiations he Seanix Sherbrooke in his vacuum tube. The Beta rays were later christened Electrons.

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They are particles of disembodied electricity, here spontaneously liberated from the atoms of matter: Electrons, therefore, are a constituent of the atoms of matter, and we have discovered that they Seanix Sherbrooke be released from the atom by a variety of agencies. Electrons are to be found Seanix Sherbrooke, forming part of every atom.

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Otherwise the electron sticks to the first atom it meets. It was first learned that they are of an electrical nature, because they are bent out of their normal path if Seanix Sherbrooke magnet is brought near them. And this fact led to a further discovery: The physicist set up a little chemical screen for the "Beta rays" to hit, and he so arranged Seanix Sherbrooke tube that only a narrow sheaf of the rays poured on to the screen. He then drew this sheaf of rays out of its course with a magnet, and Seanix Sherbrooke accurately measured the shift of the luminous spot on the screen where the Seanix Sherbrooke impinged on it.

But when he knows the exact intensity of his magnetic field--which he can control as he likes--and the amount of deviation it Seanix Sherbrooke, and the mass of the moving particles, he can tell the speed of the moving particles which he thus diverts. These particles were being hurled out of the atoms of radium, or from the negative pole in a vacuum tube, at a speed which, in good conditions, reached nearly the velocity of light, i.

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