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SuperMicro X8OBN-F Driver

X8OBN-F,.Caractéristiques1. Up to 8 Intel® Xeon® processor ** series (8-Core) and next gen. Xeon processors E7 family (Core) via CPU boards. installed on the X8OBN Baseboard. With support of Intel Turbo Boost Technology and up to 80 CPU cores, the X8OBN-F platform offers. 8GB RAM Memory SuperMicro SUPER X8OBN-F (DDR - Reg) Motherboard Memory OFFTEK This product is a new RAM memory module engineered.

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SuperMicro X8OBN-F Driver

B SMI 6. C SMI 6. D SMI 6. E SMI 6.

F SMI 6. G SMI 6. This is SuperMicro X8OBN-F general block diagram and may not exactly represent the features on your baseboard.

See the Baseboard Features pages for SuperMicro X8OBN-F actual specifi cations of each baseboard. With the Intel QuickPath interconnect QPI controller built in, the Series processor offers point-to-point system interconnect interface, greatly enhancing system performance by utilizing serial link interconnections, allowing for increased bandwidth and scalability. Each processor supports four full-width, bidirectional interconnects at the speed of 4.

SuperMicro X8OBN-F

X8OBN-F Mainboard (DDR3-1066MHz) (Reg.ECC)

Each QPI link consists of 20 pairs of unidirectional differential lanes for data transmission SuperMicro X8OBN-F addition to a differential SuperMicro X8OBN-F clock. You can choose for the system to remain powered off in which case you must press the power switch to turn it back onor for it to automatically return to a power-on state.

The default setting is Last State. An onboard voltage monitor will scan these onboard voltages continuously: SuperMicro X8OBN-F a voltage becomes unstable, a warning is given or an error message is sent to the screen.

The user can adjust the voltage thresholds to SuperMicro X8OBN-F ne the sensitivity of the voltage monitor. Environmental Temperature Control The thermal control sensor monitors the CPU temperature in real time and will turn on the thermal control fan whenever the CPU temperature SuperMicro X8OBN-F a user-defi ned threshold.

SuperMicro X8OBN-F Driver for Windows 7

The overheat circuitry runs independently from the CPU. Once the thermal sensor detects that the CPU temperature is too high, SuperMicro X8OBN-F will automatically turn on the thermal fans to prevent the CPU from overheating. SuperMicro X8OBN-F

The SuperMicro X8OBN-F chassis thermal circuitry can monitor the overall system temperature and alert the user when the chassis temperature SuperMicro X8OBN-F too high. To avoid possible system overheating, please be sure to provide adequate airfl ow to your system. Supero Doctor is used to notify the user of certain system events.

SuperMicro X8OBN-F Windows 7

For example, SuperMicro X8OBN-F can also confi gure Supero Doctor to provide you with warnings when the system temperature, CPU temperatures, voltages and fan speeds go beyond predefi ned thresholds. The ACPI specifi cation defi nes a fl exible and abstract hardware interface that provides a standard way to integrate power management features throughout a PC system, including its hardware, operating system and application software.

This enables the system to automatically turn on and off peripherals such as SuperMicro X8OBN-F, network cards, hard disk drives and printers.

Supermicro X8OBN-F Manuals

In addition to enabling operating system-directed power management, ACPI also provides a generic system event mechanism for Plug and Play, and an operating system-independent interface for confi guration SuperMicro X8OBN-F. It is even more important for processors SuperMicro X8OBN-F have high CPU clock rates.

Please connect these power connectors to the power supply to provide adequate power SuperMicro X8OBN-F the components and the system. Also your power supply must supply 1.

Supermicroのサーバ:B-TRFの製品紹介 サンウェイテクノロジー株式会社

SuperMicro X8OBN-F avoid damaging the power supply or the system, be sure to connect the Main Power connectors and other power SuperMicro X8OBN-F as required to the power supply. Failure to do so will void the manufacturer warranty on your power supply and the board. It must also be SSI compliant. For more information, SuperMicro X8OBN-F refer to the website at Additionally, in areas where noisy power transmission is present, you may choose to install a line fi lter to shield the computer from noise.

It is recommended that you also install a power surge protector to help avoid problems caused by power surges. It also features SuperMicro X8OBN-F power management to reduce power consumption.

SuperMicro X8OBN-F Windows 7 64-BIT

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